Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Perfect Project

It is not too often in life where you can truly tie many of the things in life you are passionate about into one project.  This was the project for me.  As a teacher, I share the love of inspiring students and teaching them things.  As a woodworker, I have the satisfaction of taking a pile of wood and creating something useful out of it.  As an autograph collector, I have the ability to take what would normally be a useless 5 cent piece of cardboard and give it significance.  When a baseball player adds a bible verse to their card, they give these letters and numbers meaning!

This  project combined all of my passions: sports, woodworking, teaching, and faith.

I wanted to include players who included bible verses as well as sayings such as "God Bless" and "Not in I, but Christ".

Many players have their own inspirational cards they hand out to their fans which recount stories of faith and how they were led to follow the ways of Jesus Christ.

The final project is one that I am proud of.  It is something I can use which should bring me joy each time I look at it in my classroom as well as to students who have an interest in sports or the bible. 


  1. That is quite an incredible display of inspirational cardboard!

  2. Nice job!! Your are going to be an asset to your new school!

  3. Cool idea, and the display case is great.

  4. That's amazing - how could one not smile after looking at that beauty?

  5. Fantastic! It appears you know your way around the wood shop!

  6. Wow... very, very cool. Thanks for sharing!