Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer movies, baseball, and family

Christian movies have come a long way in recent years.  With the low budget, sub par actors, and cheesy story lines, they were something you were forced to watch at Sunday School.  However, in recent years, companies like Pure Flix and others have invested decent amounts of money, actors like Kirk Cameron and Dean Cain have contributed their acting skills, and the writers have stories which appeal to a broad audience.

Here are a few Christian Baseball Movies you may be interested in watching:
One Hit From Home
Baseball superstar Jimmy Easton returns home after a devastating knee injury cuts short his promising career. In search of a new purpose for his life, Jimmy faces dark memories from his past as he tries to make peace with a world he once left behind. His life takes a transforming turn when he is involuntarily thrust back into the world of baseball - not as a player, but as the coach of an underachieving college team struggling to rise above mediocrity. Coach Jimmy's rocky relationship with Brandon Elliott, the team's only star, forces both of them to deal with their similarly checkered pasts. 

A pro ball player with a substance abuse problem is forced into rehab in his hometown, finding new hope when he gets honest about his checkered past, and takes on coaching duties for a misfit Little League team.
The Investigator
Police Sergeant James Buanacore, a twenty-year veteran investigator, starts the most important investigation of his life when a drug bust goes tragically wrong, forcing James out of the job he loves and into retirement. When James' wife Stephanie has a miscarriage, he is devastated and begins to question his previously strong faith. Depressed and angry, James isolates himself until his famous brother encourages him to take a job as a criminal justice teacher and baseball coach at a Christian high school. With his cop mentality challenging his students, James struggles through experiences with an unsupportive principal, a guidance counselor with a secret, and rebellious students. But when his best option seems to be quitting, a student challenges him to begin the investigation that will change his life, and those of his students, forever...the investigation into the homicide of Jesus Christ.
Check out some of these films.  They definitely have real life aspects which will help you question and think about things – in a good way!

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  1. I had never heard of these... but I love me some baseball movies.